Ham & Pea Pasta with Curry Cream Sauce

We knew moving into this apartment that there were some repairs to be done. Replacing the pink sink and toilet (we got to keep the pink bath), new kitchen and bathroom floors, new doors….and a dishwasher. Our landlord assured us everything was to be done in 2 weeks, and only when we were at work (or at least normal people ‘working hours’..).

We got accustomed to arriving home, to find a strange man fiddling around with our cupboards. Or as my friend once texted, “I just got home and there’s no one here and our toilet and sink are missing.” We soon grew used to the quiet and easily startled building handyman, and his tendency to come and go as he pleased (all while pushing everything around the halls in his shopping cart). He could do it all….just not all that well.

While we now chuckle at the crooked knobs and mismatched paint colours, there was one problem we felt compelled to get fixed. You see without being hooked up to any source of water, dishwashers don’t really work all that well. Our resident DIYer reluctantly returned a final time to attach the water hose properly (kinda..), and let us be.

Which is all really just to say that the dishwasher doesn’t work that well sometimes, and that when I went to chop up the onions for this recipe, a faint curry smell emanated from the obviously not-as-clean-as-it-looked cutting board. Which is why this simple ham and pea pasta got a spoon of curry powder in it.

To make- sauté a diced onion and few minced garlic cloves in olive oil. Add some chopped ham (bonus if it’s of the frozen leftover Easter variety), and later some frozen peas.

To make the sauce bit, mix greek yogurt with plain unsweetened almond milk, until you get a consistency you like. Sprinkle in some salt and pepper and a spoon of that curry powder, and toss it in with everything else.

Boil your pasta (I used the lemon pepper pappardelle I picked up here), and mix it all together. And then wash your dishes.

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