Pesto & Beet Pasta

Add this to the pile of random, fridge emptying, somewhat pretty, desperation meals. For todays candidate we have the easy-yet-satisfying pasta with pesto, beets that I needed to use up (and fast) and some cheddar for good measure.

How do you create this delight, you ask?

Boil water, add pasta. Drain pasta, mix in pesto. Chop beets. Grate cheese. Throw on top.

It’s a bit advanced and certainly not for the faint of heart, but with some advanced planning and an extra boost of self esteem I have no doubt you will be able to execute without a hitch.

Roasted Cauliflower and Tahini Sauce


Working weird hours sometimes means eating weird food. Or at the very least, at unusual times and in unconventional quantities. Sometimes two small breakfasts (one at 3:30am, followed by second breakfast around 10am…) and a big early dinner. Or just small plates of food throughout the day. Which brings me to this- roasted cauliflower and a tahini […]

Production Lunches


One of the best things about working in television- getting fed. Not always, and not on every show, but for the most part- if you are working on set during production, it is unlikely you will ever go hungry. Usually this will take the form of catering/craft services, but there are times when you must […]