Whipped Feta

My first thought after sneaking a taste of this recipe- this is disgusting. Which was disappointing, because feta is delicious and whipped feta sounds even better. I got the idea from here, but didn’t have any cream cheese on hand, so used greek yogurt instead. This recipe isn’t really disgusting to be honest- only when you have it on its own. Usually this is a pre-requisite for whatever you make with said gross ingredient to taste equally repulsive, but thankfully that was not true here. It was just too strong, and too salty on its own, and needed something to balance it out.

To make- crumble about a cup of feta into a food processor, and blend for a few seconds until it resembles small crumbs. Add in about a 1/3 cup of cream cheese (or greek yogurt if you’re desperate) and blend again for a minute or two. Do not eat. Yet.

Next- assemble various things that you think might taste good with feta.

I topped a rye cracker with the whipped feta, cracked black pepper, sliced overripe plums, lemon zest, slivered fresh sage and a drizzle of honey. Then broiled it for a minute or two…

Much better….

I tried it again the next day, this time topping it with some prosciutto and cantaloupe…

And again with some avocado and blueberries..

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