I am a 20-something woman living in Vancouver, BC- and have been interested in food ever since I ate a bag of 20 plums to try and impress my mom (I was about 8…it didn’t work).  These days, you can often find me roaming the streets, in search of good (and cheap) food. And the rest of the time in the kitchen, making stuff up. This is not a place where I share perfectly laid out recipes, but rather my various culinary experiences and encounters- at home, on the town, in the garden, and abroad.

Some of my fondest memories revolve around food- from making guacamole on the beach in Guatemala, to mixing up homemade sangria at a hostel in Madrid (with a 1 euro bottle of wine). I come from a family of avid gardeners (and tea drinkers), and was fortunate enough to grow up with local food, right outside the back door. I have a sweet tooth, salty tooth, pretty-much-anything-tooth (although my spice tolerance is shamefully low). I am also known to partake in various experiments in the kitchen (Did you know that hot cross buns baked on Easter Sunday don’t go mouldy? And after a year they can be used for “medicinal purposes”). Thankfully my family and friends are happy to be my guinea pigs…most of the time.

In addition to eating,  somewhere along the way, I graduated from SFU with a BA in communication, and from BCIT’s broadcasting and media program. I now work in news and television production in Vancouver.

PS-The ‘plates’ in the title refers to a nickname given to me by the ever affectionate family. Nothing to do with food- I just have really big eyes that “look like dinner plates stuck to my face.” Thanks.


  1. Peter Marsh says

    I am curious why you have not mentioned any tips that your Dad might have passed on to you about cooking. For example, how to boil vegetables so they are delightfully soft with no flavour (just like the good old days). Better still, try some recipes with canned vegetables.

  2. says

    Your mom is my manager and she sent me your blog because she said she thought I would like it because of our common interest in food. Well, she was wrong, I didn’t like it, I LOVED it. I just read it all!

    You do a lot more with fruits and vegetables than I do! I think I’m envious of your garden though you’d never catch me ever doing gardening. I also love how you create your own recipes. I do the same, I edit to suit my tastes with some success and some failures, but I think I’m getting better as the years go by.

    Anyway, you write really well, have a good sense of humour and I really liked your butternut squash lasagna (though I might add some fried sausage meat in there). 🙂

    I loved your travel photos too. I so wanted to be able to break open that Moussaka! OMG, that looked amazing and I wish I could taste it. I hope you keep this up and I have your blog bookmarked. Really great blog, Sarah.

    • Sarah says

      Thanks so much for checking it out! I’ve had a look at your blog now too, and am very jealous of some of the places you’ve been and things you’ve eaten!

  3. Morgan says

    I have fond memories of that home made Sangria in Madrid, too! I love this blog – your writing style is such a good representation of your personality and it makes me miss you a lot!

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