Cinnamon Buns and Beaches

Slept in Sunday morning to the glorious hour of 6:30am. Then laid wide awake for an hour or so, then back to sleep for an hour or so. Then rudely awoken by a text describing an intense desire for cinnamon buns. The desire was mutual, so I showed up at the sisters house an hour or so later, and was actually shocked to find the beginnings of dough rising in the kitchen….

We left it to do its work, and drove 5 minutes to Barnett Marine Park, puppy in tow. We somehow managed to avoid any crowds, and walked the length of the (off-leash) beach. There were plenty of chasing-other-dog breaks (aka Logan trying to convince other dogs to chase him), chewing-on-stick breaks, sniffing-around-in-the-trees breaks and swimming (even above the head!) breaks. And the rest of the time, sprinting as fast as those little furry legs could take him (still talking about the dog, for the record…).

All was well until we realized the particularly disturbing conundrum we were in on the way back. No cream cheese. And since cinnamon buns without any cream cheese icing are sinful at best and practically inedible at the very least, we had to make a stop at the store. We pulled up outside, only to realize neither of us had brought a wallet. So we dug through the seats and the glove compartment and were able to scrounge up about $3.25 in change.

We bee-lined to the dairy section, hands half shielding the eyes to prepare for potential disappointment as we grew closer. Our paranoid actions were justified- nothing under $4. Defeated, we started back, then half-heartedly suggested we look for some pre-made icing as a substitute. Success! Pre-made in store brand cream cheese icing- $3.19 (somehow cheaper then the plain cream cheese, despite not containing a single drop of it). We anxiously approached the self-checkout, scanning it quickly and bracing again for the tax to skyrocket the price out of reach. Somehow…no tax? The price was the same as the label on the shelf. We fed all the nickels and dimes in fast, looked over our shoulders a few times, then booked it out of there before anyone could notice.

Back at home and safely out of reach of grocery store security, we rolled out the dough. Brushed it with melted butter, sprinkled it with cinnamon and sugar, and rolled it up. Sliced it with a pizza cutter, then put the rolls into silicone muffin tins (as you do). Baked them in the oven, peeking just a few times, and then finally pulled them out. We scooped out the deliciously sugary artificial cream cheese icing (which may have had a few finger prints in it at this point) and let it melt over top. Craving satisfied.

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