Breakfast Tostadas

If there is something I am not, it is someone who ‘forgets’ to eat breakfast. And even when I do (aka everyday), if it’s just cereal at 6:30am, there is no doubt my stomach will start making angry hunger noises within a few hours. Well before lunch, this usually means I will need some sort of snack to tide me over till the next appropriate meal time. It took me a long time, but I finally realized that I needed to eat more protein in the morning. Like all the books say, it really does keep me full longer, which equates to less snacking and less hanger.

Around the time I essentially stopped drinking milk over a year and a half ago (for no large reason, it just stuck), I had to become a bit more intentional with my breakfast ideas. And now breakfast looks like everything from porridge, muesli, and green smoothies to just about everything combination of eggs you can think of.

To make this in particular, just toast a corn tortilla in a pan till crispy, smash some avocado on top, sprinkle over a little feta cheese, and finish it with an egg. Looks time consuming, but really doesn’t take any longer then it does to fry an egg. Or pour a bowl of cereal (almost).

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