Chickpea Avocado Salad

…plus a bunch of other stuff. Following up on the sweet indulgences of last week…I figured it was high time for something a bit lighter (and less nausea-inducing). Enter: can of chickpeas, half an avocado + friends. Chop up a bunch of vegetables (cucumber, red pepper) and green things (parsley) and mix it in with the chickpeas and avocado. Squeeze lemon and sprinkle a little salt over it all to make it edible.

Then to dump over the whole thing: My favourite tahini sauce, which can turn the most soulless of superstore produce into something with real flavour. Also added a lot of creaminess that made me not miss the feta I probably would have added had it been around. Just mix equal parts tahini and warm water with a bit of honey (or maple syrup) and good squeeze of lemon, plus a tiny pinch of salt.


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