Cupcakes for the Elderly

Two types of cupcakes (and a cake) to celebrate the (surprise!) 80th birthday of my Nana (a few weeks early). And no, this wasn’t some special family recipe I whipped out for the big day. Since this Grandma (unlike this one) taught me more about gambling and sneaking into ‘beer parlours’ (at 15) then she did about baking, I had to turn to the internet to find some recipes instead.

Since this was a surprise party, with lots of old folks attending, I didn’t want to shock anyone with any unusual or unorthodox recipes. So I made some simple vanilla-lemon cupcakes, along with some chocolate-raspberry ones, and thankfully, there were no casualties. I used this recipe for the vanilla ones, and this for the chocolate ones, and made up my own icing recipe. I altered both recipes slightly-didn’t have any vanilla beans for the first one, and switched out the dark chocolate for milk in the second (for obvious reasons).

I also cut a hole in the middle of the vanilla cupcakes after they finished baking (and cooling) and filled them with some homemade lemon curd before icing. (recipe to come. maybe.)

The sliver of time waiting for the oven to pre-heat, after the batter was finished, was a very dangerous time indeed. The vanilla batter in particular was exceptionally delicious. I saw a glimpse into a morbidly obese future, covered in batter, no cake pan or oven in sight. It was glorious.

So, naturally, I used this time to make up for the old batter-deprived days, when my sister used to bake, and hit me with baking utensils to keep me away from the bowl. Then I would have to wait until whatever baking went into the oven and she left the room and I could sneak some. Some people just don’t understand…..

I also made a cake- with the exact same vanilla recipe, icing and lemon curd. Because it was a birthday, and sometimes cakes are just necessary.

Delicious…regardless of whether or not you get past the batter stage….

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