The First Meal

After a day of heavy lifting, and an evening of wine and celebration, I awoke to an empty fridge. A new fridge, old and unplugged, but empty nonetheless.

Porridge and Peanut Butter

I spent the first morning puttering around, sidestepping boxes and searching through my box of dry good essentials for something edible. A bag of oats from some bulk bin, a jar of peanut butter, some honey. Nuts Mom snuck into one of the boxes. And a pot to cook it in.

Porridge and Peanut Butter

Figured out the new stove, and then sat on the day-bed-now-being-used-as-a-couch, by the window. A window a whole lot closer to the ever lingering clouds.

Porridge and Peanut Butter

I look in front of me and watch the tug boats on the river, pulling the longest log booms I’ve ever seen. And then to the side, and see a movie being filmed, amongst the old buildings and the new. The sound of the train whistling by the water, the church bells ringing across the street, and the police stopping traffic to let the camera cart through.

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