Fruit Cookie Cups

This isn’t so much cooking as an assembly job. Sure, you could make the cookies from scratch, or make some sort of whipped cheesecake or custard or key lime filling. But I wanted an excuse to buy cookie dough (for the first time?!?) and ran out of time to make anything fancy for the middle.

These are as easy as they look- just flip that muffin tin upside down, and throw a slice of raw cookie on top (grease it first). Then let them bake for about 15 min at 350′. Let them cool a bit before you try and lift them up. Otherwise they may break and you would have to eat them.

I just filled them with a little cool whip (try mixing in lemon or lime zest, or mixing with fruity yogurt, orā€¦), and topped with fruit.

You’re going to mostly have to use your imagination as to how they turned out. But it was something like this:

The perfect way to celebrateĀ mothers who still manage to love their children even when they accidentally dye their faces yellow…


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