Gateway Milkshake

I know exactly what this looks like. The moment I will reference in my Biggest Loser audition tape, as the moment I knew I had a problem. The first time I ever went to a Mcdonalds by myself (is this like when alcoholics realize they have a problem, when they start drinking alone?) Time for an intervention? Not quite yet..

A chocolate milkshake from Mcdonalds. Yeess. It might be worth mentioning that I only eat fast food like this once every year or two. Or that this happened a few months ago. Or that I spent the rest of the day eating green things. But that would sound like I’m trying to justify it, and I don’t think that’s necessary.

There are countless different diets, lifestyles and ways to eat; some with merit, others with less. And I commend anyone who eats what makes them happy and feel their best- regardless of what this looks like. So while I’m not trying to endorse any Supersize-Me-esque lifestyle choices, I wholeheartedly agree with the wise words- “everything in moderation- including moderation.”

In that thought, the only rule I ever want to follow is to never take food too seriously. Whether that’s experimenting with old hot cross bun legends, constructing a pig out of pig liver, getting revenge on jellyfish, or not eating gluten for a month- just for the challenge. It’s when I get joy out of eating and creating that I feel my best.

That said, this kind of shameless indulgence is just the thing the experts and loud voices tell us to feel bad about. However, I decided a long time ago to avoid the trap of ever associating guilt with food.  In fact, as soon as I took my first perfect chocolatey sip, I decided it was the best purchase I’ve made in a long time.  And then I proceeded to drink almost the whole thing really fast, after which I got a bad headache, started feeling my pulse pound behind my eyes, and had to lay down on the couch for a while. This isn’t everyday food. It’s not for the faint of heart (literally). But it sure is delicious.

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