Hungry Computers

Peppermint tea will always remind me of the time I dumped almost an entire cup of it onto the keyboard of my new laptop. And how I unplugged it, and emptied a bag of rice on it, and then propped it up upside down with a fan blowing on it for a few days. And how I had a finished project saved on that laptop, which was due the next day, and how I had to email my instructor and ask for an extension for the first time in my life because the internet told me if I turned it on too soon I could fry the whole thing. And how I don’t think he ever really believed me.

My typing has been loud and sticky ever since, with tiny bits of rice lodged in there somewhere, crunching and chewing with each letter. It’s been almost a year. Laptops sure take a long time to digest. Note to self- use brown rice next time. Note to world- do not pour rice onto your keyboard.

rice comp

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