Instant Vegetable Noodles

Back in the elementary days, these dried instant noodles were a big hit on the playground at recess. We never had any at home, so I gladly accepted any offers when someone else was too full (or busy playing tether ball). That is, until someone important at the school declared them a choking hazard, and had them all banned.

15 years later, I am now able to purchase my own food, and decide for myself whether I think I am capable of properly chewing and swallowing dry noodles (verdict- on a good day). Which is great, apart from the fact that they are completely void of any nutritional value whatsoever.

However…..they are only 30 cents a pack. Which, yes, is a price that only points to one thing–> early death.

Which is nothing the addition of an entire crisper full of vegetables can’t fix. Balance, youth, and life expectancy restored. Take that, school district.

To make, just cook the noodles, chop up and sauté a bunch of vegetables (onion, yellow peppers and zucchini today), and mix them together. I also added water chestnuts– would be a good place to try some of these raw too. Sprinkle your packet of artificial flavouring over top, and soak in the joy of simulated meat granules.


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