Italian Day on the Drive

Today we went to the Italian Day celebrations on Commercial Drive. The roads were all blocked off and it was packed. There were all sorts of market stalls, musicians, cooking demonstrations and eating competitions, but we spent most of the time strolling in search of good food (a recurrent activity in my life, I’ve noticed). This was by no means a difficult task, it’s just that everywhere had about an hour wait (including many food trucks and stalls), and not many shady places to sit and actually eat without getting too jostled.

We eventually settled on Street Meet, where we got some Italian poutine (with bolognese and mozzarella on top), and some crispy risotto balls. We found a nice bench to sit on outside the Britannia community centre, listened to a venetian-masked woman play the accordion, and watched an old man dance in front of her, by himself, uncomfortably close.

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