Low Sugar Jam

I’ve made some horrible jam. And jelly. They taste fine enough, if you ignore their soup-like consistency and tendency to grow mold after about a week. This is entirely preventable of course and mostly my fault, as I can never justify adding approximately 50 cups of sugar to 1 cup of fruit. Then I would try and adjust the pectin amounts, to no avail. And also not seal it properly.

Things turned around when I was introduced to a different type of pectin- one specifically designed for low sugar jam. I’ve now made about 25 jars worth of jam with Pomona’s Pectin, and it couldn’t work better. It’s step-by-step instructions are easy enough for even former jam disappointments like myself. And while the first batch may have turned out a bit moldy (forgot about that whole sealing part), the rest have turned out perfect. Not a bad way to use up an abundance of raspberries from the garden and fruit from the Okanagan…

First off, mix up some ‘calcium water’ according to instructions..

Mix in with the fruit, let it all dissolve and bring to a boil..

Mix the pectin with however much sugar you want to add, and add it to the fruit mixture..

I then let it cool down in the fridge (where it will thicken), then poured it into sanitized jars, and finished by boiling the filled sealed jars for 10 minutes (read the instructions for more details..)

In total I have now made 18 jars of raspberry, 5 jars of apricot, and 3 jars of apricot, peach and nectarine jam. And am set on the gift-giving front for awhile…


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