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It’s been a while……which obviously means I haven’t eaten anything photo-worthy in over 2 months. I’ve survived on mostly gruel, dehydrated space food and bits of house plants*- and have thus lacked the energy and inspiration to produce anything remotely creative.

As such….some non-food related material. For something a little different, here is a round-up of interesting things I have stumbled across online in the last little while….

Thought-or-laugh-provoking articles, quizzes, travel destinations, recipes I want to attempt, charity projects, funny kickstarter projects, etc, etc. Who knows, perhaps I will even attempt to post something similar on some sort of monthly regularity, but we’ll see how that goes…

Myers-Briggs Quiz

To start with- one of the most wide spread and ‘scientific’ personality tests, the classic Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. It is supposed to reveal how people experience the world and make decisions based on four principal psychological functions- sensation, intuition, feeling and thinking. This results in 16 distinct personality types- which are expressed in 4 letter type codes:

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Here’s the quiz, and another link that describes the 16 personality types. There is a huge amount of content online describing every detail imaginable about each personality type (especially important things like each type’s ‘definition of hell‘).

I’ve taken the quiz many times over the years and have always ended up the same: INFJ. (and my idea of hell is supposedly ‘you are eternally damned to working for a morally corrupt company that aims to exploit the weak and generally degrade conditions for all of society’).

Opal Creek

Maybe because my budget and work holidays are pretty restricted, or maybe because Little People, Big World for a while became my trashy reality show of choice, but places not too far from home (around the Pacific Northwest) are looking pretty nice these days. Here’s Opal Creek in Oregon…a crystal clear blue gorge, only accessible by kayak:

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Lucky Iron Fish

The Lucky Iron Fish Project. One of those really simple inexpensive things that make a huge difference. There are apparently 3.5 billion people in the world affected by iron deficiency. While this is often (but not always) a relatively easy fix in the west, those without access to iron-rich foods or supplements can suffer compromised physical development, impaired cognitive ability, and increased risk of illness and death. The ‘iron fish’ is exactly what it sounds like- a piece of iron shaped like a fish, that is supposed to be added to pots while cooking. The fish slowly releases iron, and can provide a family with 75% of their daily iron intake for 5 years. You can buy one for yourself or for families in need, and help people live healthier and more productive lives.

Bacteria Art

What happens when microbiologists are challenged to create art out of bacteria. An interesting and disgusting overlap of art and science- proving the subjects don’t have to be mutually exclusive (and that perhaps I will be a real scientist one day after all). Here are a few of the submissions.

Beauty Restored

I love when old and abandoned buildings can either be restored to their former glory, or converted to something equally beautiful and interesting. Here is a list of 13 disused spaces that were saved from demolition- like the Turkish bathhouse converted into a modern library (below), the zoo turned graffiti gallery, and Taiwanese military barracks to ‘rainbow village’.


Irish Vegans Attack

Perhaps this is my dark humour shining through, but for a bit of a laugh, read this exchange between a barrage of vegans and a cafe owner in Dublin. It captures the best and worst of modern internet behaviour (and the power of ratings)- resulting in a big spike in business for the cafe who decided to barr all vegans and threatened to ‘shoot dead at point blank range’ any who attempt to enter (sarcastically, of course…).


Chai Cheesecake

Not much to say other then this looks like just one of the best cheesecakes I’ve ever seen! Combines two of my favourite things, just a pity the whole recipe is in German…hoping Google translate can pull through on this one…(credit to Zucker, Zimt und Liebe).

Logan Chronicles

And finally, a video of a particular dog that I have absolutely no connection to in any way….

*(This is a lie, and a reminder to not believe anything you read online, or from me in general).

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