Pumpkin Ice Cream Sandwiches

If you have ever frozen cookies before, you know that they get really hard. And that if you bite into one you run the risk of breaking all of your teeth. Which is why I don’t understand why almost every recipe for ice cream sandwiches includes regular old cookies. This means you either have to a) wait for the cookies to unfreeze a little, and have the ice cream melt, or b) break all of your teeth. In the spirit of trying to avoid dentures before 25, I came up with an obvious solution- make them the same way you buy them at the store. Meaning, make the cookie part softer and more cake like- which is surprisingly harder then it sounds.

The opportunity presented itself just over a month ago, on real (non-American) thanksgiving. Every year for dessert I usually make pumpkin pie, pumpkin cheesecake and pumpkin ice cream. Our neighbour will often make the pie, but as she’s gotten real old we’ve let her off the hook- thus creating a dessert opening.

I searched and searched for a good ‘cookie’ recipe, and only came up with this. I used the ingredients (plus some ground ginger and nutmeg) but not the method, deciding instead to just slop batter onto a flat pan and hope that it would bake ok- which, miraculously, it did.

I sliced them up and filled them with my “homemade” pumpkin ice cream- which is just vanilla ice cream mixed with pumpkin pie mixture (not pumpkin puree). Just add the pumpkin spoon by spoon to the ice cream until it tastes as pumpkiny as you like, then refreeze it.

Then just squish the two together, and re-freeze individually or just eat till they’re all gone.

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