Quarry Rock & Honey’s

‘Family Day’ is supposed to be a holiday. But instead of sleeping in, I found myself setting my alarm for 3:30am. A new requirement for the first day of a much anticipated new job. However, as I’ve been quick to learn, the good thing about starting work before the birds wake up (besides zero traffic and free parking downtown!) is that you finish before a lot of normal people actually wake up (…at least on a day off). Which leaves a good part of the day free. Free for things like hiking in the rainy woods, with an overexcited puppy and the promise of just about the best donuts in the world at the end. And, because it’s a day off for these normal people with regular jobs, family and friends to share it with.

After hiking Quarry Rock, Honey’s (in Deep Cove!) was a must. So packed, but so worth it. This cinnamon sugar donut was by far the best one I’ve ever had. Stolen bites of the maple and honey glazed proved equally delicious.

P.S.- Just finished a great book, and have updated the 2015 reading challenge! 4 categories down, 46 to go. Any Known Blood by Lawrence Hill coming up next.

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