Rosehip Vinaigrette

Ikea is good for many things. Pretending you live in a tiny display house, buying 50 plates for 99 cents, and trying out funny Swedish food. Now I’m not talking about the cinnamon buns or 50 cent hot dogs (although delicious), but rather all the other stuff in the little food section past checkout. Here you find the obligatory meatballs and lingonberry jam, but also a few interesting gems if you look hard enough (or at the very least, have your eyes open as you walk by the shelves). On a recent trip I wanted to try out something a bit different, so I picked out a bottle of rosehip ‘drink’.
What are rosehips? Not sure. All I know, is that they taste kind of disgusting.  Took one sip, instantly regretted it, and grumbled in disappointment.

My best (and only) tip for unsavoury and inedible liquids? Make them into a vinaigrette. A little oil, vinegar, lemon, spices, mustard, whatever else you like. Pour it over a salad, and let your relief (of not having to waste food, that is) pour away like your dressing on some mixed greens (and perhaps some cucumber, pears, pecans and feta).
Do I suggest you make a special trip out to the big blue box just for this particular recipe? No. Let’s be serious. But should you find yourself in a similar predicament, you can now consider yourself prepared.

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