Slow Scrambled Eggs

I woke up at my usual time the other day, to my alarm at 3:30am. And 3:37am. And 3:40am. It’s a quiet hour, tiptoeing around getting ready, and sharing the road with usually just the cops and the cabs.  Which is why I was a bit confused when I heard loud trucks idling and dogs barking outside. I looked out to see about five fire trucks below, shutting down the whole block. And about 50 people pacing the streets, in their pyjamas and sweats. So naturally, I tried to spy as much as I could from the balcony, got ready as fast as possible, and headed downstairs to try and figure out what was going on.

I asked around, but got only shrugs. The fire alarm went off across the street, but no one knew why. Impending fiery death eluded, my efforts quickly shifted to trying to avoid looking like the vain neighbour who did her hair and make-up and dressed up for the fire alarm in the middle of the night. “Just headed off to work then…” I muttered a few times under my breath, shuffling a little extra loud to the parking garage.

So slow scrambled eggs–> a poor breakfast decision when you wake up in the middle of the night, or are easily distracted by flashing lights and imminent disaster. Save this one for the weekend.

Why slow? To be simple, the longer you cook them, the more delicious they will taste. Just think of them as the risotto of eggs.

Heat up a pan to medium heat, add butter/oil/fat of some kind, and then the eggs (+ milk, salt and pepper).  Then turn the heat down low, and stir until they are cooked. This will take a long time. Do not abandon them, and do not give up. Your wrist may stiffen and your patience may wear thin, but trust you will be rewarded with the most creamy eggs that you swear someone has snuck cheese into (but you know they haven’t, because you haven’t left them out of your sight, right?)

You might not even need ketchup. And is there any better endorsement then that?

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