Submitting to Sushi

Not liking sushi throughout my life has automatically made me an outcast amongst eaters, and proclaiming it has often generated such reactions as “What is wrong with you?” To which I respond that if I wanted to eat seaweed and raw fish I’d just go stick my head in the ocean. So yesterday I did something particularly unusual- I bought it. Out of my own free will. Nothing too outrageous, just a California roll, but at $2.95 it was hard to pass up. I was with friends, en route back to school after shooting some footage for a documentary project downtown, when we passed by Fujiya, and decided to stop in. Known for their cheap and delicious Japanese food, I agreed that it would make a good second lunch/early dinner- which it did.

So in conclusion this experience has brought me one step closer to becoming a true Vancouverite- just need to start liking coffee and buy myself some Lululemons and the process will be complete (…despite, you know, being born here).

I also bought some cheap Japanese pop thing with a glass marble in it, but who cares about that…

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