What Does One Do With Mung Beans?

Soak them of course! Just like every other dried bean/lentil, right? Or so I thought. For some reason. I’ve never actually tried soaking any kind of bean before, but figured if I soaked them over night, they’d be ready to go in the morning. I even tried an experiment- I soaked some in water, some in water and vinegar and some in pickle juice:

And when I tried them in the morning, I found water flavoured rocks, vinegar flavoured rocks, and pickle flavoured rocks. In addition to almost breaking my teeth, this was also the only time I can ever recall something pickle flavoured letting me down. So, defeated, I decided to actually read the instructions on the bag they came in. You are supposed to cook them. Fine. So I dumped all of the beans, and all of the different liquids into a pot, and simmered them till my teeth were content. Turns out, the mix of liquids was kind of nice.

So, after risking my life in the name of alternative protein sources, I offer this PSA: If you don’t want to slowly choke to death on a mouthful of bitter pebbles, cook your mung beans. And if you’re feeling daring, throw a little vinegar in too.

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