Homemade Chai Tea Latte

Seeing as coffee typically causes me to scrunch up my face and gag a little, my options when going out for ‘coffee’ are a bit limited. While a cup of tea always fits the bill, it’s nice having something a bit more exciting then a cup of hot water with leaves in it every now and then. This is how I got hooked on chai tea lattes, which have not once caused me to wrinkle my face in disgust. While this is now my go to drink when everyone else is taking shots of espresso, it’s nice to be able to make them at home, for what probably amounts to just pennies (..probably).

I’ve been perfecting my recipe for a while now, and have come up with the perfect ‘recipe’ and technique. First you will need your supplies: Tea bag (my favourite is ‘Bengal spice’), almond milk, and honey.

First boil your water. Then pour about a teaspoon or so of honey into a tea cup. When the water is boiled, I like to add a splash to the honey, so it loosens up a little and is easier to mix. In the meantime, heat up some almond milk in a pan till it starts to simmer, then pour it into the teacup (I like a few tablespoons). Add your tea bag, top it off with boiled water, and stir. Then let it brew until it is as strong and spicy as you like. Which for my usual spice- intolerant self, is actually surprisingly spicy, thank you very much. Now excuse me while I go book my ticket to India.

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