A Year Around the Table

This is what 2015 tasted like (…maybe almost 2 months late, but oh well):

Green smoothies at 4am every morning (…pre-blend):

Weekend green tea with honey and a book:

A big pan of homemade paella with all the trimmings, cooked over an open fire on a beautiful night in early summer:

A fondue party with chocolate, cheese and everything you can imagine to dip:

Visiting the farmers market up the road every week in the summer- making pesto with whatever green was cheapest, buying the best marinated feta almost weekly, along with strawberries, cinnamon honey, and some of the best cups of iced chai:

The best birthday gifts to myself (followed by a Peruvian dinner and pisco sours at Chicha):

Many pots of sweet potato-black bean-turkey-quinoa chili in the slow cooker.

Countless renditions of these delicious curried lentils:

Tahini sauce on just about everything:

A whole slew of different ‘cakes’ to celebrate various occasions, including: cookie cups and fruit for Mother’s day; frozen raspberry cheesecake for Julia’s graduation; buttered rum meringue with chocolate, pears and hazelnuts for Mom and James’ birthdays….:

…..as well as a pie for Nana’s birthday with a toasted coconut crust, layer of chocolate cashew fudge, cherries, and a kind of light coconut pudding (inspired by this); and a vegan cashew-based lemon cheesecake for Julia and Dad’s (belated) birthdays:

Hotdogs at the baseball field (and sometimes free rootbeer floats):

Fresh herbs on everything picked off the balcony:

The best kind of chemically delicious weekend treat:

Baking cookies…and cookie pies with friends:

Creative cooking when the big end of summer storm hit, knocking out power for a few days and leaving grocery stores looking like this:

Dinners and tea for 22 around a big country table in Lyme Regis:

As well as an amazing homemade Indian feast in London:

A massively delicious Thanksgiving feast, with friends family that feel like family when your actual family has abandoned you for the occasion.

Popcorn and wine (and cable) nights.

Just about every kind of grain-vegetable-lentil combination you could imagine:

Popcorn with nutritional yeast and hot chocolate.

A delicious Christmas feast, followed by trifle, custard and flaming Christmas pudding:

And to end the year, a family dinner at the apartment a few days after Christmas, which turned into a surprise engagement celebration (3 types of tacos on the menu: chorizo and sweet potato, black bean and plantain, and spiced lentil-walnut, along with rice and beans, roasted tomato salsa, and guacamole):

Most Disgusting Cake in the World

…a how to guide: 1) Sneak raw pig organ into human’s shopping cart when they aren’t looking. 2) Instruct them to put it in the food processor, and add eggs and flour. 3) Supervise closely to make sure they don’t steal any. 4) Ensure quality before baking. 5) Insist on taste test. 6) Give clear baking instructions. 7) […]

The First Meal

After a day of heavy lifting, and an evening of wine and celebration, I awoke to an empty fridge. A new fridge, old and unplugged, but empty nonetheless. I spent the first morning puttering around, sidestepping boxes and searching through my box of dry good essentials for something edible. A bag of oats from some […]

Gift Ideas That Give Back

If you’re one of those people who finish their Christmas shopping before even touching Thanksgiving dinner, you should probably just bookmark this for another time (and resume planning your weekly meals for next August). However, if you are someone (like myself) who enjoys (relative term) getting stampeded at the mall a few Sundays before Christmas, this […]

Gateway Milkshake

I know exactly what this looks like. The moment I will reference in my Biggest Loser audition tape, as the moment I knew I had a problem. The first time I ever went to a Mcdonalds by myself (is this like when alcoholics realize they have a problem, when they start drinking alone?) Time for […]