Pickle Juice

Pickle juice….the nectar of one of the world’s most beautiful things. And also incredibly useful beyond cocooning those little cucumbers. Essentially, pickle juice is just vinegar flavoured with garlic and dill (excluding those unfortunate sweet pickles). And that tastes delicious in many things. It is also a miracle of science and magical healer of many ailments*. Anyone interested in subsidizing further studies? Or donating their bodies for the benefit of mankind? In the meantime, next time you’re about to throw away a pickle jar with only the juice remaining, try this instead:

  • Add flavour to salad dressings
  • Add to marinades to help tenderize meat
  • Use it to steam/boil potatoes or other vegetables
  • Add it to devilled egg filling or into potato salad
  • Add to hummus, tzatsiki, or other dips
  • Use it to pickle vegetables (a quick pickle, not one you would re-jar)


And now, for the science. Not usually my specialty, but I do admit to sacrificing myself for the advancement of pickle juice research. In other words, last time I had a headache, I made myself drink a shot of pickle juice. Did it work? Not really. But according to the rules of science, I’m going to have to try it a few more times before I make any judgements. Pickle juice also allegedly:

  • Can be used to prevent and relieve heartburn, cramps and stomach pain (the vinegar acts as an antacid)
  • Apparently works as a hangover cure (helps rehydrate you by replenishing sodium levels)
  • Can be used as a post-workout drink to restore electrolyte levels
  • Can be used to clean blackened copper pans and barbecue grills
  • Can be used to kill weeds in the garden (something about the high vinegar and salt content)
  • Raises your IQ*



*subject to actual scientific research.


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