Timeline of a Cake

This started out as a cake. Then turned into a cheesecake. Then turned into a frozen cheesecake. Then turned into a frozen-cheesecake-loaf.

Thought process: You see, I wanted to make some sort of celebratory dessert that I could write on. But normal cake seemed a bit heavy for this time of year. And then I would have had to ice it with about a pound of butter (I know, I know, what’s the issue?) before I could write on it. I could have done my meringue icing (which is mostly egg white and a little sugar), except I couldn’t have written on that. So cheesecake! I’ll make cheesecake (the lighter choice? Sure). Except I didn’t really have the time to bake a proper one (and am always a bit afraid to anyway). So I decided to make a frozen one. With raspberries! From the garden! Except I couldn’t find the cheesecake pan. Searched every cupboard, looked behind every plate….nowhere to be found. Which leaves me frustrated with a bowl of cheesecake batter (both a delicious and frightening place to be). I end up taking out a loaf pan, lining it with plastic wrap, and dumping it all in (kind of like a terrine, perhaps?) and throwing it in the freezer. Success!

Which brought me back to my original plan- a dessert I could write on. Can you even ice frozen cakes? I mean…Dairy Queen manages ok. And after excessive googling (should I use chocolate? jam? ketchup?), I decided to scrap all the inconclusive advice and just pretend it was a normal cake. I made a buttercream icing with a hint of almond extract, dumped in all sorts of artificial food colouring, and attempted my best buttery cursive.

Moral of the story–> it is possible to write with regular buttercream icing on a frozen cheesecake. You’re welcome future googlers.

Gift Ideas That Give Back

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The Liverwurst Pig

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