Caramelized Bananas

I can’t believe I’ve made it this far in life without making caramelized bananas before. Don’t let yourself fall into a similar trap. Make them once, and you will soon find yourself stuffing and topping them on everything. Porridge. Crepes. Steak….

All it takes is three ingredients–> Coconut oil. Brown sugar. Bananas.

Just melt a bit of coconut oil in a pan. Stir in a spoon or two of brown sugar and let it get all melty. Then add in a sliced banana, and heat it until it looks kinda caramel-ly, but not too mushy. Add bananas to the food of your choice. Lick the pan. Immediately drink ice water to ward off tongue burns. (It’s impossible to wait.)

In this instance, I made a little porridge with almond milk, mixed in some chia seeds and coconut flakes, and poured the bananas on top. Then I went back to bed and ate. Then I got up, and snowshoed all the way up Hollyburn Peak at Cypress. It’s not supposed to be that long of a trek, but when you’re trying to avoid the ‘paid’ trails and you get a bit off track and go for a few loops, sometimes you add an extra 2 hours onto your trip. But that’s all worth it once you see the views at the top (if you get a clear day…), and more importantly, when you get to slide all the way down…

In conclusion: good fuel for a long day on the mountain, or wherever your day may lead.

Production Lunches

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Quarry Rock & Honey’s

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Hotdogs and Baseball

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