Richmond Night Market

The Richmond Night Market. Which, if you are not local, essentially translates to the Asian night market. Packed full of people, food, and cheap phone cases, it’s always entertaining to spend at least one evening out there every summer.

(They seem to have adopted some sort of ‘candyland’ theme this year ..)
There’s two popular ways to prepare for the night market- 1) Eat or 2) Don’t eat. The route you take often depends on what you value more, your wallet or your taste buds. In other words, there is a ton of great, interesting food, that happens to be pretty expensive.

This time, with my frugal post-grad budget, I was obliged to take route 1. However, as I was accompanied by a bunch of generous friends who took route 2, there was plenty of taste testing going around. I also found if you hung around looking hungry enough, there were some kind vendors who were more then happy to give you a free taste. Which is great, until it’s fish tofu getting passed around…which tastes just like it sounds.. essentially a chunk of fish that had been treated in some manner that gave it the texture of raw tofu…and the smell of raw fish….and, let’s just say, is not something I’m going to try and recreate at home….

I somehow managed to bypass the deep fried milk and ‘imitation shark fin soup’, and settle on a tangerine lemonade….not too exotic this time, but managed to quench the thirst of a hot night in a busy crowd…
The Richmond Night Market is open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday between May 16 and October 13th.


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